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I'm sure you have plenty of questions for me - as you should! Here are a few of the most common so you can be one step ahead.

Will you work well with my photographers?
Absolutely. As a bride myself, I absolutely understand that photography is most couple's number one priority. You don't want me to ruin any shots or make your photographer's job any harder than it is. I take pride in my ability to work with your photographers as your "paparazzi team" on your big day! I will do my best to coordinate with them so everything runs flawlessly. I've worked with over SO many different photographers and meeting awesome photographers is one of my favorite parts of the job!

Can I pick my own music?
I am a longtime lover of music and a firm believer that music can truly make or break a video. I license all of my music from You can absolutely check out the music available for license and send me some favorites. I love that site because all of the music has a very cinematic/indie feel to it and supports up and coming artists.

Do we get the rights to our video?
Yep! If you don't feel like paying extra for DVDs, you can feel free to burn as many as you want yourself!

Can you travel to ______?
Yes, yes, yes! Let me know where you're planning the wedding and I will get back to you with the estimated travel fees! I try to keep them as low as I can.

What do you shoot with?
I shoot with Canon DSLR cameras to maintain a cinematic look to my films. 

Great, let's do this thang. How do I book?!
Wonderful! All I need to book your wedding date is a 20% deposit and a signed contract. Contact me to get your date on my calendar :)