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Hi there. My name is Alexis, and I am the filmmaker behind Green Attic Films. I'm a Georgia native who moved to Seattle in 2015. I am also an animal lover, a major Harry Potter nerd, and an ENFP! 

Some fun and embarrassing facts about me:

  • I got over 3 million views on a weird video I made in high school, which is actually what got me started in my videography career

  • I own the cutest pups in the world, named after The Office (and yes, they DO have their own Instagram, thanks for asking)

  • I am big into thrift shopping, and got my wedding dress from Goodwill for $36

  • I’m a very cheerful human and was once dumped for being “too bubbly”

  • There's just about a 90% chance that if you cry at your wedding, I'll cry at your wedding. And probably while I edit your video also. I can't help it. Don't judge me.

When I'm not filming and editing videos, you can find me exploring the city, drinking cold brew by the gallon, attempting to be "outdoorsy", or binge-watching a new TV show while I force-cuddle my pups. <3