Photo Cred: Lionlady Photography 2018

Photo Cred: Lionlady Photography 2018


Hi there. My name is Alexis, and I am the filmmaker behind Green Attic Films. I'm a Georgia native who moved to Seattle in 2015. I am also an animal lover, a major Harry Potter nerd, and an ENFP! 

Some fun facts about me:

  • I am from the South, so I occasionally say "y'all", and I'm definitely a hugger.

  • I have over 3 million views on YouTube

  • I own the cutest dog in the world, Toby (who has his own Instagram, duh)

  • I got my wedding dress from Goodwill for $36

  • I have watched every episode of The Office at least 5 times

  • There's just about a 90% chance that if you cry at your wedding, I'll cry at your wedding. And probably while I edit your video also. I can't help it. Don't judge me.

When I'm not filming and editing videos, you can find me exploring the city, grabbing a beer with friends, attempting to be "outdoorsy", or binge-watching a new TV show while I force-cuddle my dog. <3