Britny & Caleb | Seattle Wedding Film | The Arctic Club


I met Britny over a year before her wedding day! She is one of the warmest, sweetest people I've ever met and I'm beyond grateful that she chose me as her videographer. We had so much fun chatting wedding details and figuring out the dynamics of the big day. I was SO pumped to shoot her wedding, and, of course, it was everything I dreamed of and more! Britny and Caleb exchanged vows under the gorgeous backdrop of the Arctic Club (that ceiling!!) and everything was so timeless and elegant. It was seriously a flawless day, made even more perfect by how radiantly happy Britny & Caleb were all day long.  Without further ado... some words from the bride herself:


"It's really hard to choose one favorite moment from the day, because the day was so perfect. Although, I think one memory that stands out the most is right before and during walking down the aisle. I was so nervous that our assistant coordinator was trying to calm my down by putting her cold hands on the back of my neck! But the second I walked in the room, I was so calm, so ready and so happy to see Caleb there. I was sure I'd be a mess the whole day, but I was so beyond happy and giddy that the tears never even came."


"We chose to make videography as a priority because the video can really tell the story of the entire day, and all the days leading up to your wedding day. The whole day you feel present and in the moment, but at the same time certain memories can become hazy too. Since receiving my video from Alexis I haven't been able to stop watching it. I love reliving all the moments of the day and seeing moments that I wasn't able to during the day. I always wished to be a fly on the wall in my ceremony, and with my wedding video I am able to see it in a different way. It'll be something we cherish forever, and will show our kids someday."


The team!

Second shooter: Heather from First and Foremost Productions 
Photographer: Julianna J Photography
Venue: The Arctic Club Hotel
Florist: Weddings Northwest
Planner/Coordinator: Maggie Rogers of Maggie Kay Events
Caterer: The Arctic Club Hotel
DJ/Band: Brandon Ghorley
Officiant: Martin Schlomer
Dress: The White Dress PDX
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Bridesmaid's Dresses: Azazie
Hair/Makeup: Makeup by Elizabeth Marie
Cake: Sugar Dots by Lisa

Stacey & Marc | Seattle Wedding Film | Axis at Pioneer Square

"True love has a habit of coming back."

This was definitely the theme of Stacey & Marc's day. These two have such an amazing love story. They met in high school, fell in love, but then went their separate ways when the distance became too much. Years later, they reconnected on Facebook when Marc recommended Stacey try Zzz-Quil because she couldn't sleep (SUCH a great story). Since that moment, they've been inseparable. Their wedding day was a true reflection of their personalities - adventurous, fun, and focused on making sure every single wedding guest had fun. They had it all - a hot dog cart, a paper airplane toss after their first kiss, a t-shirt cannon instead of a traditional bouquet/garter toss, SKEE BALL (!!!!), late night pies, hangover kits... the list goes on and on. I had the best day ever as their videographer and was so honored to be the one they chose to capture their day! Check out the vendor list at the bottom of this post to see the badass team that helped put all of it together.

Their favorite moment? 

"Oh man it is so hard to just pick one single moment but I think my favorite moments from the day were shooting off the t-shirt cannon and leaving in the pedicab through the sparklers!"

Why Marc & Stacey made videography a priority:

"We chose to make it a priority because photography only captures instances and not the full essence of a wedding. Having a video is priceless because we get to see our wedding from someone else's perspective. We get to relive the ceremony and hear the wonderful words of our loved ones who toasted us on our happiest day. Every time we watch it we tear up because it's so awesome to have these memories to look back on. I always urge everyone I know who is getting married soon to consider videography. It is something they will never regret."

Five Favorite Frames:

5 Wedding Planning Tips From a Wedding Videographer (& Bride!)

Hi there! In case you don't know me, my name is Alexis and I'm the owner & videographer behind Green Attic Films. I'm also a bride - last May, I got married to the love of my life!

I have now filmed over 50 weddings and I survived planning a wedding (from across the country!) myself. If you are recently engaged, CONGRATS! There are so many fun things to look forward to in this planning process. It's incredibly overwhelming at first, so I wanted to give you some tips that I've learned both through shooting so many weddings as well as going through the process myself. I managed to narrow it down to 5 tips! So, here they are:

1) Pick vendors you LIKE.

The wonderful Jen Lee Light with Danielle & Kevin! We had so much fun shooting their wedding together.

The wonderful Jen Lee Light with Danielle & Kevin! We had so much fun shooting their wedding together.

Of course you should pick vendors whose work you absolutely love and who you trust to do an awesome job, BUT you should also make sure you're picking vendors you LIKE, as people! People you want to hang out with all day - because that's exactly what you'll be doing. Your photographers, videographers, and planners are the ones to walk with you to the first look, to tell you when something is in your teeth and to re-bustle your dress when you're halfway through the buffet line (these are all things I've done in the past 3 weeks).

2) Know that things will go wrong. 

Stephanie may or may not have forgotten her garter, so Graham threw a bow from one of their wedding gifts instead. Guess what? It was hilarious, and nobody cared.

Stephanie may or may not have forgotten her garter, so Graham threw a bow from one of their wedding gifts instead. Guess what? It was hilarious, and nobody cared.

Yep, something is bound to go wrong on your perfect day. Not something you want to hear, right? But it's best to go into the day knowing that not everything will go smoothly. Your flowers might not be exactly as you pictured them on your Pinterest board. You might forget your garter. One of your bridesmaids' dresses might be ever so slightly the wrong color. Or, your groom might go to the wrong first look location and be twenty minutes late... and you might step into an ant pile during your bridal portraits. Yep, those last two were me. And I lived to tell the tale! :)

The thing you have to remember if something goes wrong is that it doesn't matter. You have to consciously remind yourself of the significance of what you're doing. You're getting MARRIED! You're about to see your husband for the first time on your wedding day! You're vowing your life to the person you love. If you go through the day remembering that and focusing on that, none of the small details actually matter.

3) Make sure your VENUE has great photo spots.

This gorgeous backdrop was a quick 2 minute golf cart ride away from Taylor & Jesse's reception space [Cave B Winery & Resort in Quincy, WA]

This gorgeous backdrop was a quick 2 minute golf cart ride away from Taylor & Jesse's reception space [Cave B Winery & Resort in Quincy, WA]

Finding your wedding venue is one of the first big decisions you make while planning your wedding. You might not be thinking about photography and videography when you're in this part of the planning process, but you should be! Your wedding day will flow so much more smoothly if you pick a venue with some beautiful photo locations on site. You get to spend more quality time with your guests (and each other) instead of running around town trying to find parking at a separate location. Being able to step away from your venue for 5 minutes is infinitely easier than driving to an entirely different location.

4) Don't forget about audio!

It's easy to forget that HALF of a great wedding film is the audio. Whether it's your ceremony, toasts, or just the background noise while you get ready, it's extremely important for your wedding video. My advice to you is to hire an audio professional for both your ceremony AND your reception. Your videographer can coordinate with them and get the best audio possible (straight from the microphones instead of picking up all of the not-so-great background noise). Also, when you're planning your day, try to pick quiet spaces for important moments to happen (when you open gifts, do the first look, etc.). It's easy to forget, but try to be aware of it. Great audio can really make or break a video.

5) Focus on the THOUGHTFUL!

This is from my wedding, actually. I spent a ton of time hand crafting cards for each of my bridesmaids and writing them really long notes thanking them. Tears were shed, and I was so happy I spent the time doing it. It was a "DIY" touch that really paid off. [Courtney Ward Photography]

This is from my wedding, actually. I spent a ton of time hand crafting cards for each of my bridesmaids and writing them really long notes thanking them. Tears were shed, and I was so happy I spent the time doing it. It was a "DIY" touch that really paid off. [Courtney Ward Photography]

I have seen so many different types of weddings - weddings that are completely DIY and weddings that bring in a professional to do the decor. I love them both. However, sometimes it's easy to get caught up in how the wedding LOOKS instead of how it FEELS for the people involved. Instead of spending 11 hours (and pulling your hair out) pressing flowers for your invitations, spend that time doing something thoughtful for the wedding day. It will be more memorable and more appreciated. Hand make your parents a sweet gift. Write your groom a long, handwritten letter. Write a sweet "thank you" to include on your ceremony programs. These gestures will go a much longer way than pressed flowers. That being said, if you want to DIY the entire thing, more power to you! Just don't forget about the thoughtful details for the people you love.

Thank you for reading!

And don't forget to ENJOY this process!

- Alexis

My wedding day! [Courtney Ward Photography]

My wedding day! [Courtney Ward Photography]

Sophia & Scott | Maui Wedding

Sophia and Scott got married in April at the insanely gorgeous Lahaina Resort in Maui, Hawaii. Their day was beautiful from start to finish. They said their vows overlooking the Pacific and ended the night dancing under the stars. It was pretty magical.

Some highlights... Sophia's epic floral reception dress, the fact that Scott blew up an entire giant beach ball while taking off Sophia's garter, Sophia's sister's toast (which was to the tune of the Fresh Prince theme song), and portraits during an epic and beautiful sunset. I could go on and on, but instead I'll include some details from the bride herself!

Their favorite moment? 

"Every single moment! If I had to pick one, I would have to say walking down the aisle and seeing Scott's huge smile. Scott's favorite moment was shouting I DO!"

Why Sophia & Scott hired a videographer:

"Our wedding was 7 years in the making, it was a day that represented 7 years of our growing love and we wanted to preserve that day as best we could. We had heard too many stories of "we wish we had videos from our wedding" and "we wish we had splurged on a better videographer", so picking an amazing one was our top priority - even if it meant flying Alexis in from Seattle :)."

Some Advice:

"Our advice to brides when thinking about a videographer is to not limit your planning to a location. We had our wedding in Maui, and found that none of the videographers on the island were up to par. We looked at videographers all along the west coast and immediately knew Alexis' video style was for us. You might assume that the travel costs of flying someone to your destination wedding would be out of your budget, but popular destinations usually have a huge markup on wedding services. Not only was Alexis more our style, she ended up fitting our budget better as well."

Five Favorite Frames:

Sophia & Scott's Awesome Vendors:

Venue/Flowers/Catering/Planning: Royal Lahaina Resort
Photography: Karma Hill
Dress: Jenny Yoo
Make up and hair: MeiLi Autumn Beauty
Cake: Vivian Pham
Officiant: Kimo Kirkman

Danielle & Kevin | Trinity Tree Farm Wedding

Danielle and Kevin live in Los Angeles (in a camper!) but decided they had to get married in the gorgeous state of Washington. I, for one, can't blame them. They chose to get married at the beautiful Trinity Tree Farm on a cool May day. Their love story began in Savannah, Georgia, when Danielle saw him from across the bar and said to his friend, "Bring him to me!" She walked down the aisle to Vance Joy's "Georgia", which I thought was perfect.

Their wedding day was absolutely incredible. Danielle is a fashion designer and every last detail was so thoughtfully planned out (plus - her DRESS). She even arranged the flowers herself. It was such a whimsical woodland dream. 

I think my favorite highlight of the whole day was their first look Danielle and Kevin had the favorite first look I think I've ever shot. One thing I loved about it is that the photographers and I were further away and I think it really allowed the two of them to truly be in the moment without worrying about all the cameras and expectations. When Kevin walked up, he saw Danielle from far away and had to stop to compose himself. It was so, so sweet and I think we were all in tears watching it.

Five Favorite Frames:

The light was so beautiful while Danielle put her dress on.
When Kevin saw Danielle while he was walking up, he had to stop because he got emotional.

The awesome vendors I got to work with!

Photography: Jen Lee Light
DJ Equipment Rental: Puget Sound Pro Audio Rental
Flowers provided by Seattle Wholesale Florists, Floral Design by the bride
Dress: Lovely Bride LA
Make up and hair: Kendra Springer
Catering: Sunshine's All Naturals
Cake: Dianne's Delights 
Officiant: Kathleen Rose Weddings