So, you want a jaw-droppingly beautiful wedding film?


A few tips from your wedding videographer to make sure you get the most beautiful, moving wedding film possible :)


Think about lighting while you get ready. The best video shots are in clean spaces with nice, natural light. Obviously some of this is out of your control, but when you're thinking through where you're getting ready on your wedding day, try to pick a place that's clean, has natural light and speaks to you. The most ideal space? An airy home with lots of space and windows. The least ideal space? A cramped room with fluorescent lighting. This goes for photography, too!

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Find a way to incorporate your love story. Whether it's private vows, a letter you read out loud, or having an officiant who knows you personally and will share personal details about your relationship. That audio is priceless for your wedding film and goes such a long way to help tell your unique story and capture your wedding day. Think through your relationship and to the moments that defined your love story - the hard moments, the sweet moments and the epic moments.

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Give your videographer some time! We know it's hard to make time for portraits on your wedding day. But having even just 45 minutes with you after the first look and 10 extra minutes at sunset will do wonders for the shots we are able to include in your wedding film. We are thankful for EVERY minute that we get to spend doing bride + groom shots. It's our favorite part of the day! 

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Tell us every detail. The more your videographer knows about the details of your wedding day & love story, the better job we can do at capturing it perfectly. Share every little detail with us!! Confetti as you walk back down the aisle? I'm into it. Choreographed father/daughter dance? YES!! Going to ice your groom during the garter toss? I'm THERE. These things are so helpful to know about ahead of time! It's also helpful to know the broader details - whether your officiant is a close family friend or someone you hired, whether you predict any family drama taking place, whether there's an important friend or family member missing from your day. All of these these things help us make deliberate and careful decisions about how we shoot your wedding. The more information we get, the better. I send out a survey about a month before the wedding to get all this info from you. My advice - take your time and put some thought into it! 

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Last, and finally, if you want a jaw-dropping wedding film, be yourself! Don't EVER feel like you need to put on a "show" on your wedding day or for your wedding film. If you're emotional, by all means, let yourself feel those emotions and don't hold back. But if you're more of the goofy/fun type, don't feel like you need to be super-serious and crying all day! Your personality will shine through your wedding film and you should never look back and feel like it's not very "you". Bottom line, enjoy the day and you DO YOU, boo.

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